[[Quest: Seek Out the Adventurer]]


Find the Adventurer

The party heads out through the North Gate headed for the small forest the was nestled just to the left of the main road not even two miles from Inra. Guards patrolled the main road keeping it safe for travelers, though they did not stray too far from the village itself. After the group stepped off of the beaten path the change was almost immediate. The grass became thicker the closer you came to the forest the sounds of wildlife was vibrant and rich. The air became more heavy with moisture and the scent of flowers and living trees.

As you pass into the canopy of trees birds sang and the calls of things not so friendly rang out. The woods were alive and it was not afraid of you, almost becoming louder as you travel along the nearly overgrown path. A snake slithers past and slides into a nearby bush without so much as a pause.

Perception Check 1-6 The light was dimmer because of the trees making a canopy
7-10 There was a soft buzzing noise coming from further down the path
11-19 A soft buzzing noise came from down the path. The trees in that direction
seemed bigger wilder as if enhanced in some way. The air seemed to almost
throb with magic.
20 Same as 11-19. Also, The buzzing noise was the only noise coming from that
direction. No other birds or animal noises came from that way.
Wisdom/History Check Anything higher than a 10 will reveal that dryads have been known to make
their homes in woods. They have been known to occupy this area as well.



You decide to continue down the path and as you go the sound of the buzzing gets louder and louder until it suddenly stops. You see ahead of you a creature with delicate features much like a female elf’s, though her flesh is like fine wood, and her hair is like a canopy of leaves that catch the sunlight. All around her and above her are floating leaves and twigs. She stares at you with deadened brown eyes before she smiles and runs at you with the intent to attack.

Dryad HP 4 ARMOR 17 STR 10 DEX 19 CON 11 INT 14 WIS 15 CHA 18 PERCEPTION 8 Attack 1d4 +6 EXP150


The old adventurer stumbles into the area before the dryad can cast the final blow. He manages to scare it off with a fire spell. He looks down at the group with a out upon sigh and one by one drags them to his cottage so they can heal and rest.

Defeat the Dryad


There is a rustling in a bush to the left (Perception Check 5+) he party readies itself for another battle though weary from the last one. From the bushes walks an elder man in a thick fur cloak steps out. His eyes were piercing and his lips turned down into a frown. His face was streaked in red, tattoos that marked him as a warrior. His white hair did nothing to put them at ease as the sword at his hip was still sharp.

“Who are you? And why do you trespass in these woods?” Samon asks

“I am Samon, I own the woods.”
“I am the adventurer you seek, come, let us go to my cottage out of the elements and away from wild eyes.”


You turn away from the noise wary of the noise and what it may mean. You travel into the woods off the path. The undegrowth is thick and it is hard to keep your footing. (Roll to see if any of them trip and fall) .
The branches scratch at your faces and the grass tickles your thighs as you slowly trek through the wilderness. You pass many animals most who carry on as if they sense no threat from you.

1-5 Pit Trap
6-10 Net Trap
An Acrobatics Saving throw of 15 or higher is necessary to avoid the trap.

Any one not in the trap stares up or down at the ones who are trapped.There is a rustling in a bush to the left (Perception Check 5+) From the bushes walks an elder man in a thick fur cloak steps out. His eyes were piercing and his lips turned down into a frown. His face was streaked in red, tattoos that marked him as a warrior. His white hair did nothing to put them at ease as the sword at his hip was still sharp.

“It is a sad day when people set off animal traps. Why do you travel off the path? It is there for a reason.”
“I am Samon. I own these woods”
“Yes I used to be an adventurer, why do you ask?”
“And why should I help those so helpless as to fall into/for and animal trap?”
“Come let us go to my cottage. Divines forbid anything dangerous this way come.”


The cottage was a homey place nestled in a very small meadow. The path lead straight to it but continued onwards past it as well. There was smoke coming from the chimney and the smell of burning wood filled the clearing. Old Samon lead the way into the humble cottage. It was clear inside that it was not meant to hold many people. There were only two chairs and the space was cramped with everyone inside. Samon stood by the fireplace and turned to look at each of you.


“You are quite a pathetic lot. You expect to save our Realm? You are the ones the fate of our world rests? Divines have mercy! What makes you think you can save us?”

“You may stay the night and rest, allow your wounds to stop bleeding. But in the morning you will leave. I will not send you to your death.”


“So, you seek me for advice and aid? First rest and enjoy a meal. From one adventurer to others a battle deserves a reward no matter how small.” EAT, REST

The next morning Samon awakens the party with calculating eyes. He stokes his beard as his eyes dart from one to the other.

“This I will do. (I changed my mind). (Though you managed to defeat a Dryad) To gain my knowledge you must pass a test of strength, courage and will. Do you accept?”


“Then we have nothing else to do but to part ways. May you find assistance elsewhere.”

Leave cottage


“Come with me outside. No time to break your fast.” Hurries out the door. “I was a skilled necromancer in my time. I still have a trick or two up my sleeves.” He summons 6 zombies. “Defeat them all and I will tell you all I know.”

Zombies HP 22 ARMOR 8 HIT DICE 1D6+1 SLAM DICE 1D6+3 EXP 50EA

“I will tell you what you want to hear.”
“Dragons listen only to those who have wealth and power for these are things they desire most. Without either, you would have more chance of milking a Dril-Yecht. And Royals are no better than the dragons that favor them. You will have no luck bartering with them or even convincing them they are wrong.”
“There is one though, a dragon, of whom tales have spread amongst adventurers in my day. He will come to the aid of those he finds worthy whether they be rich or not. I know not what is worthy and what is not, but it is worth a chance. What better a thing to do than to bring a dragon into a dragon fight?”
“I know not where it might be, but I do know it used to be called Lebolas. Glaysa Lebolas.”


[[Quest: Seek Out the Adventurer]]

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