[[The Beginning: How it All Starts]]


The town was bustling with people. The smell of home cooking overpowering the smell of the salt air that drifted from the ocean nearby. The cry of gulls could be heard occasionally over the sounds of life. The people had kind faces with open smiles as they greeted one another as they passed by. Inra was large for being off the main road village, the homes seeming to be made of cobblestone and gathered together in tight groupings. A small child runs across the street chasing after her pet dog whilst her parents watched fondly.

At the very center of the the village stood the tallest building the eye could see. The temple of the Twelve Divines. Certainly not the largest temple in the surrounding area but the only one to boast a true prophet within, making this an integral stop on every traveler’s journey. The money made through trade with passing adventurers kept the village thriving.

Inside the inn, the regulars and those just passing through mingle with ease. Three people, two men(Tinnon & Dynris) and a single woman(Nalshy), man the bar. They are kept busy with the large crowd there. The smell of cooking is stronger here. The savory smell of roasting meat and baking bread fill the air within these walls. The steady roar of the midday crowd was almost hypnotic.

Have the players meet one another here and interact for a while

At that moment, the door to the tavern is slammed open and a frantic young man stood in front of everyone his face white and his eyes dilated.

“What is it, Verall?” Nalshy asks.

“The prophet has had a vision.” Verall announces. “She calls for everyone’s attendance to the temple immediately. And not just the villagers. Everyone. It is of grave urgency.”

Do they attend?



The usually quiet and serene gardens are filling up with the concerned and worried people of the town and beyond. Though the discontent of the people hangs in the air, the gardens still hold the same awe inspiring beauty. The elevation allowing one to look out into the vast waters of the ocean below. Flowering trees and plants that are said to bloom no matter the season add a floral fragrance to the air. The sunlight illuminated the white stone architecture that formed the arches and stone benches the villagers sat upon. As they awaited the prophet, the gardens earned their name as the air of unease seemed to slowly leech from the people.


The prophet Arale stepped out of the doors and the people quieted down to an awed hush. She was garbed in dark purple pieces of cloth that barely covered her for curious eyes. She was almost fully draped in a see though light purple fabric. She was adorned in golden jewelry and her feet were bare. In one hand she held a staff with an opalescent orb at the top. She stood at the top of the alabaster stone steps.

“I have called you all here to answer a call to action. I have foreseen what is to come and what is not to be. And what I have seen is the abyss.”

The crowd becomes alarmed and uneasy. Shifting and murmurs can be heard.

“Three ruling kingdoms we have and each we serve equally, but equal the do not wish to remain. At each rulers side the all powerful Dragons of old. Should they clash in hatred they will rend our world asunder. There will be nothing left. All fall to darkness.”

“Oh, by the Twelve, save us!” A woman cried out in anguish.

“There is but one way to save us all. There must be some here who are willing and able to stand up and stop this despair from befalling us. I have foreseen a group setting out to be our salvation. From this very town. Are there any amongst us who would take upon them the mantle of out realm?”

Do they volunteer?


“May the 12 Divines bless you.” The priestess Arale held out her hand. Roll for who it will be handed to (4d). “The Goddess Skuld has favored you. I give you this. It will protect you in times of need.”

Amulet of Protection – Depends on what I buy. For one enemy attack it will absorb the hit. Can only be used once. Must be worn for it to work.

Does Not Volunteer

“Very well. I understand you may not feel as if you have the capability to fulfill this destiny. It is a heavy burden to bear. I will await our destiny within these walls. Whether it be the arrival of our champions or our doom.” Arale walks back into the temple.


There is nothing that can be done until the town is done with the meeting save for resting, dueling, or meditating. When the villagers arrive, the are upset and downtrodden

“Why did you not go?” Tinnon asks. (No matter the reasoning) “Well, we have had our doom foretold to us. Karnach, Vernaldi, and Hinterhigh are plotting war and they are going to wipe out our entire realm. No one is willing to put a stop to it. At least no one here.”


“I will send Nalshy to the prophet immediately to let her know you were here all along. For now, my best guess would be to seek out the old adventurer who lives in the woods. It is said he has had many run ins with dragons and royals alike. The Woods are to the North, not too far off.”

Do Not Volunteer

“The guradsmen and the militia are holding a tournament in the Governing Ward to find the strongest fighters. They will then be sent out to save us all. I only hope they will not be sent to their graves. It’s open to everyone. I think I’ll give it a try myself. Who knows, maybe old Tinnon has some fight left in him.”

Leave the inn/tavern

Places of interest
The Dancing Mermaid – The local tavern/inn
The Marketplace – All the shops and smiths are located here
The Governing Ward – The villages small amount of assigned soldiers, Town Hall, courthouse and jail are
Temple Grounds – The temple and the Gardens of Serenity are here

[[The Beginning: How it All Starts]]

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